Through the lens: Lisbon and Porto: A photographic essay

Two charming cities near a river close to the ocean, much of sunshine, a hilly landscape, old trams, tiled walls, ancient constructions, a long history and a delicious gastronomy. Lisbon is the capital and the biggest city of Portugal. The river Tagus flows through this cosmopolitan and lively city. Lisbon attracts many kinds of tourists. The many viewpoints have stunning views over the city and the river. It has a busy nightlife especially on weekend evenings. The country’s name is derived from the city of Porto. You can find Porto north of Lisbon, at the river Douro. Porto is smaller than Lisbon, but at least even so majestic. The city has a rich history and many ancient landmarks. Porto also produces the famous port wine. This book contains photos of Lisbon and Porto. The focus is on the photos. They give beautiful impressions and are provided with a short explanation and different kinds of facts. Mostly it includes the location. In this way readers can create their itinerary with stops at places they are interested in. The book it doesn’t aim to be complete, Lisbon and Porto have much more places worth seeing!